Streaming Picks for the Weekend

October is here – the best month of the year for us horror fans!

The weather may suck, but it’s perfect for staying inside watching some scary films.

So, get out those Halloween decorations (if you haven’t already) and immerse yourself in some horror.

If you can’t decide what to watch, maybe this list will help.


New Release: Scare Me (2020)

As soon as I heard the premise of this, I knew I’d like it.

Two cocky writers are caught in a cabin during a power outage due to a storm. To pass the time, they tell each other scary stories.

I mean, that’s basically how Mary Shelly came up with Frankenstein…almost.

Apparently this film isn’t for everyone. Before Shudder released it yesterday, its reviews were less than stellar.

However, if you enjoy anthologies, you might appreciate this one. It’s like watching the idea of an anthology play out before you, but with the wrapper playing a bigger part.

The constant horror film references help to aid the imaginary visuals, and the genius sound effects and design help bring the stories to life.


Watch it here on Shudder

So Bad, It’s Good: Offerings (1989)

“Remember him before he dismembers you.” – What an amazing tagline.

A young boy is bullied and forced by his peers to walk around the edges of a well. Boy falls in. Flash forward 10 years later and the kid is now, for some reason, in a mental institution where he’s kept sedated 24 hours a day.

Somehow he comes out of his sedation, kills his nurse, escapes the institution and begins his journey of revenge on his childhood bullies.

There are actually some really good kills in this but, most of the time, it had me laughing.

If it’s not the terrible California surfer accents in a film set and made in Oklahoma that make you chuckle, perhaps it will be the score’s not-so-subtle rip offs of Halloween and Jaws.

The highlight for me has to be the amazing forensic work by the Sherriff on a dead duck.

Honestly, this film deserves its own article. You should definitely check it out.

Watch it here on Amazon Prime

Underrated Gem: Extra Ordinary (2019)

While, when it comes to the spectrum of comedy/horror, this one falls far more on the comedy side, horror fans will still love it.

I first heard of this Irish gem after a couple friends saw it at Panic Fest in Kansas City and raved about it.

I was beyond excited when it released on VoD. I will watch anything with Will Forte.

Quirky and charming, the film has a perfect blend of humour and heart, all mixed in with some horror.

Watch it here on Netflix

Classic Horror: Audrey Rose (1977)

This isn’t Robert Wise’s best film by any means (It’s The Haunting, in case you’re wondering), but this one has a different kind of creep factor to it.

While some say it’s too similar to the exorcist (the girl does look similar), this is totally different story.

A young Anthony Hopkins plays a man who is convinced that his dead daughter has been reincarnated. Obsessed with proving this, he stalks a young family whose little girl is beginning to have nightmares about a fiery car crash.

I must warn you: there is a lot of screaming in this film, as the trailer suggests.

Watch it here on Netflix

Modern Classic: A Quiet Place (2018)

This one was actually much more enjoyable when I saw it again in the comfort of my own home. While watching it on the big screen in the cinema is ideal, on my couch I didn’t have teenagers next to me whispering the whole time and phones buzzing in cup holders.

Dear Cinema Goers: Putting your phone on vibrate is not putting it on silent!

Anyway… This John Krasinski directed film gets you right in the feels all while packing in the terror.

Krasinski also plays the lead, a father who is trying to survive with his family after mysterious creatures with super-hearing power have invaded the earth.

While a lot of the film is dialog-less, it does an amazing job of setting the scene for this post-apocalyptic world. Watching his expectant wife (Emily Blunt) set up a nursery with a box and oxygen tank substituting as a crib is a bit gut-wrenching.

The sequel is due to hit the UK April next year.

Watch it here on Netflix

Bonus Short: Oscar’s Bell (2018)

There’s something in the woods…

Directed by Chris Cronin, this 11-minute, multi-award winning short packs a punch. Watch it in a dark room.


By: Jennifer Dale Apel


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