Streaming Picks for the Weekend

As October is fast approaching, even more horror is hitting the streaming services.

While this is of course amazing, it can make the decision process even more difficult.

Not to fear, though! I’m here again this week to give you my picks to watch this weekend.

Newer Release: Spiral (2019)

This film had its World Premiere at FrighFest, and unfortunately I missed it. It played first thing on Sunday morning, and I was just not going to make that. Not with the late nights at the Phoenix to be had.

Anyway… This film is a bit of a slow burn at first. But, during that first act, the tension and unease that is being built is palpable.

The cinematography and set design create a cold, claustrophobic, and unwelcoming environment. Not a place you’d want to live. Unfortunately, for our protagonists, they just moved there.

The twist may be a bit predictable, but the payoff is… *chef’s kiss*

Watch it here on Shudder

So Bad, It’s Good: Chopping Mall (1986)

Now, this one is considered a bit of a cult classic, so I hope I don’t offend when I say it’s so bad. But it is.

But, as always with this category, that is part of what makes it great.

A group of horny teenagers find themselves trapped in a mall after dark. Their plans to party are ruined when the new robotic security system malfunctions.

The alternative title to this film, Killbots, is much more appropriate. But, where’s the pun in that?

Watch it here on Amazon Prime

Underrated Gem: Stir of Echoes (1999)

I’m pretty sure I watched this for the first time shortly after its release. Man, did it stick with me.

I revisited it not too long ago when I found the DVD in my local charity shop. It’s still creepy.

Kevin Bacon has a psychic (and very outspoken) sister-in-law who, during a party, puts him under hypnosis.

Going under seems to have opened his mind to see ghostly visions – a talent his kid already possesses.

What follows is a thrilling journey, as he must find out what happened to the girl that now haunts his mind. Preferably before he goes completely mad.

Watch it here on Amazon Prime


Classic Horror: The Old Dark House (1932)

I know last week, the classic I gave you was a colourised version. Sorry guys, this one is just your good ol’ fashioned black and white.

This one is horror legend central – directed by James Whale (Frankenstein, The Invisible Man,…) and stars Boris Karloff (so many horrors).

Five travellers find themselves stuck in a storm. While trying to seek shelter, they stumble upon, well… an old dark house.

The house is the estate of the Femm family – a strange bunch.

When a bit of alcohol is added to the mix, the group finds themselves in an even more terrifying and bizarre predicament.

Watch it here on Amazon Prime

Modern Classic: Curse of Chucky (2013)

“It’s a doll. What’s the worst that can happen, huh?”

I may be setting myself up for some hate, but this is my favourite sequel of the franchise.

While still keeping a bit of the dark humour that flooded its predecessors, the 6th film of the franchise returns more to its horror roots.

The film picks up after a 9 year hiatus in the series, and what a revival it is. Good scares and pretty great gore.

Granted, the wrap-up is a bit long winded, but at least it ties the story together nicely.

Watch it here on Netflix

Bonus Short: Eddie (2016)

Directed by John Cook Lynch and starring the talented Johnny Vivash, Eddie featured at over 20 international film festivals, winning 7 awards.

It’s featured on the LHS YouTube channel, but in case you haven’t caught it there, here’s another chance.

By: Jennifer Dale Apel


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