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My Favourite Horror Box Sets

I love a good horror collection – whether it be films, books, comics or memorabilia. My love of completing a series has at times led me down watching sub-par sequels, prequels and everything else in between. But, when a film … Continue reading

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Is Hollywood Becoming Lazy?

By now, anyone who has read my blogs will know how much of a horror fan I am. If you haven’t, firstly where have you been all this time? (Just kidding, I know you have a life… but seriously, where … Continue reading

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Hannibal & Scream TV Series Mini-Reviews

Scream TV Series

Scream TV Series New town. New motives. Classic Scream. Scream is a perfect symphony of old and new. A self-referential revelation for the world of television. The plot follows the familiar narrative of the films and offers the same lure … Continue reading

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