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There is a moment in Escape Room which sees an ex-soldier (Deborah Ann Woll) dangling over a (unconvincing) massive drop, held only by the strength of a telephone cable. This is the moment I got on board with this ludicrous … Continue reading

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My Favourite Horror Box Sets

I love a good horror collection – whether it be films, books, comics or memorabilia. My love of completing a series has at times led me down watching sub-par sequels, prequels and everything else in between. But, when a film … Continue reading

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Top Five Badass Women Of Horror

Hellraiser - Kirsty Cotton

5. Bloody Mary –American Mary With the steady rise of feminism, this woman is one of my personal idols. They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and sure that is true, but I have yet to see … Continue reading

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