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Killer Franchises: Jeepers Creepers

In 2001 the world was blessed with Victor Salvas’ Jeepers Creepers — a low budget American horror film that follows brother/sister combo Darry and Trish Jenner on their drive home for spring break. After witnessing what they think is a man … Continue reading

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5 Horror Clichés I Hate!

Firstly, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all horror fans. Otherwise, why would you be reading this post on a horror website? And more to the point, why would I have written it? That said, I’m also pretty positive … Continue reading

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Film Review: In The Dark

In The Dark 2015 Film Review

Writer & Director : David Spaltro I came across this movie when going about my daily scan of Facebook and the internet. I watched the trailer and thought it looked awesome so contacted the producers and asked if I could … Continue reading

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