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5 Of The Best Horror Movie Deaths

Best Horror Movie Deaths: Tenebrae

What better way to welcome in the start of the week than a little reminisce about some of the best horror movie deaths. Recreating them with colleagues is discouraged, no matter how therapeutic the thoughts might be. We’re also pretty … Continue reading

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The Uncultured American Remake of Foreign Horror Films

American Remake of Foreign Films Martyrs Remake

Throughout the years the amount of American remakes have gone up in profuse numbers, leaving many Foreign original titles to rot in the graveyard of unprecedented and underrated films. Martyrs, Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood and Oldboy are … Continue reading

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Zombie Survival Game 2.8 Hours Later Returns To London With RUIN

2.8hours later Zombie Survival Event London UK

You may know of the zombie horror film 28 Days Later set in London, focusing on Cillian Murphy as he struggles to survive against ravaging, fast and ferocious undead creatures as they threaten to cause the demise of the human race. … Continue reading

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Exploring the world of horror remakes…

Horror Remakes 2015

If you’ve been regularly reading London Horror Society, then you would have noticed the reoccurring theme of remakes. This month we’re delving into the unpopular and highly criticised underworld of horror remakes. We’ll be reviewing lot’s of films, comparing originals … Continue reading

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Introducing Demon

“The DEMON Myth: There is a myth that tells of a Demon – an Incubus Demon that visits a woman while she sleeps. It impregnates her in what appears to be a dream, a nightmare. When the infant is born, … Continue reading

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