Teaser for UK Horror Short ‘Still’ Released

You might already be familiar with the work of Oliver Park. He’s the award-winning filmmaker behind short film Vicious, that was much-lauded by audiences last year.  (If you haven’t seen it already, you can do so here).  He’s also just released the trailer for his next film, STILL.

Still Promo Poster

Oliver’s style is to creep rather than horrify, to make the audience use their own imagination as to what is ‘behind the door’. “Books are always so much intense as they rely on the audience injecting their own fear into the story, this makes the scare that much deeper and long lasting,” he says. “If a film can call upon the same techniques then it can terrify audiences that much more.”

Vicious won eight awards internationally, including Gold Award for Best International Film at Toronto After Dark and Platinum Award at the LA Horror Competition. It was nominated for a further seven awards, including Melis d’Argent at Molins in Spain.

Oliver hails from Bath, England and now lives in London. He has been writing horror from a young age, having been inspired by directors like Alfred Hitchcock, John Carpenter and classic horror films from the 70’s and 80’s. You can see the teaser for yourself below:

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