Uncanny Collective: The Darkness Between Us

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The London-based theatre company have launched a spectacularly spooky episodic podcast

There is a shadow that hangs over all of us. It exists in the night and day.
The known and unknown.
In our sleep and in our waking hours. These stories come from that shadow.
From the void between
stars, the places we dare not venture:
from the darkness between us.

The Darkness Between Us is a new weekly horror anthology podcast from Uncanny Collective, featuring new stories and audio plays of terror and the macabre.

Uncanny Collective are a London-based theatre company who seek to unnerve and inspire.

Season One includes tales of undead revenge, monstrous spiders, and cosmic horror.

New episodes will be released every Friday on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Episode One: ‘This House Is Empty’ 

A couple are trapped inside their home as the world outside fades away – but they are not alone.
Written by: Steve Fitzgerald
Theme music: Nick Samuel

Episode 2: ‘Robin’

A young man recalls the events of a murder only he witnessed.
Written by: Paul Linghorn
Theme music: Nick Samuel

Episode 3: Exercise

Settle down and prepare yourself for 14 minutes of ultimate relaxation. What could go wrong?
Written by: Steve Fitzgerald
Theme music: Nick Samuel

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