The London Horror Society Launches New Film Funding Link

The London Horror Society is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new feature inside our LHS Pro service: The LHS Pro Funding Link.

This bespoke platform is built to give indie filmmakers inside LHS Pro the chance to have their funding pitches seen and evaluated by one of the most well respected and active film financiers in the UK.

A simple 3-stage application process helps to ensure that all key information is included in each request – with additional help, guidance and feedback available from the LHS Pro team if required.

London Horror Society founder Chris Nials stated:

“We know that one of the biggest challenges for indie filmmakers today is not just getting hold of funding for their projects, it’s also about simply being able get in front of the right people to start the conversation! And that is exactly where our new funding link tool will help.

I am so proud to have been able to partner with our dream financier on this initiative, as they truly share our vision in trying to find and support the next generation of gifted UK genre filmmakers, and helping to ensure that no promising talent is left behind just because they couldn’t get a foot in the door at the outset.   

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