This Sunday: What’s The Bloody Question? LIVE!

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This Sunday, on the opening night of The London Horror Festival, everyone’s favourite kitsch Horror panel quiz show What’s The Bloody Question? hits the stage!

And the fantastic news is that London Horror Society friends can now get 20% off tickets, by using the code QUESTIONOMICON at the check out!

What's The Bloody Question

What can you expect?


Two teams pit their horror wits against each other in a battle of knowledge, skill, creativity and… well, probably play-doh actually.

Will London Horror Festival curator Katy Danbury beat her dastardly compatriate Chris Nials of The London Horror Society on home turf?

Will the mysterious Questionomicon continue to vex our valiant competitors? Will presenter Tony Sands be able to harness the sheer power of the Dice Of Doom? Will The Score Keeper, Damon Rickard have enough fingers to calculate the points?

All will be decided on the day of reckoning. Or as it’s sometimes known to mere mortals… Sunday, 15th October at 9:30pm.

And what’s that you see top right of that picture up there?  That’s right!  We’re delighted to announce that this showing is sponsored by none other than the fabulous Arrow Video!

This means that there might well be a few freebies being passed around… making those limited number of remaining tickets even more valuable!

So What Are The Teams?

We’re lucky enough to be blessed with some truly high-end horror heroes…

Joining Chris on Team LHS are none other than the Twins Macabre!

The Twins Macabre are a dark horror-comedy duo as featured on BBC3’s Live at the Electric and BBC Radio 4’s Sketchorama.

They have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Canary Wharf Spiegeltent, Brighton Fringe Spiegeltent, London Horror Fest and Vault Festival. The pair also appeared in the acclaimed World Stage Premiere of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment and both star in Kate Shenton’s horror-comedy feature film Egomaniac.

And on Team LHF…


Paul is the creator of PopHorror that mashes up Pop and Horror, usually with a bad pun (“I Should Be So Chucky”)

He produced last year’s Brexit Chainsaw Massacre and this year brings Felix Le Freak’s Shockbuster Video to the LHF. Paul is also a DJ, with a penchant for the ’80s.

Fred is the creator of the theatrical play, Fred Strangebone’s Freakshow and internet series ‘Fred Strangebone’s World of Murder, mystery and murder’. He also leads walking tours throughout the season…

Fred has recently moved from London to the seaside town of Mortor regis to write poetry and grow a beard. He has been described as a ‘An on the buses era Bowie’ by Time Out ‘A loveable goon’ by Younger Theatre and ‘A quiet loner who kept himself to himself’ by his neighbours.

Interests include staring, listening to the clock tick and waiting for the the local pizza/chicken/tandoori restaurant to put a menu through the letterbox.

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