This Weekend: Little Wing Festival

As you all know, we’re huge supporters of truly independent films here at the LHS, so when we stumble across new projects that aim to do the same, we’re more than happy to shout about them.

Little Wing Film Festival
The brand-new Little Wing Film Festival is one such project, and whilst not being strictly horror focused, their entire MO is to showcase and support new filmmakers from all over the world.

Running from September 1st to 3rd at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, they will be screening a mix of shorts and features, all by very talented up-and-coming filmmakers. There will also be a 4-hour workshop with Nicola Peluso, one of the brains behind wearefilmclub,

Tickets are incredibly cheap, as the organisers wanted to keep it affordable and accessible to anyone with an interest in supporting independent filmmakers. Here’s what’s on:

Little Wing Festival Line Up: Friday


Opening Night: Shorts 1

Ringing in the very first Little Wing Film Festival, Festival Director Mariah Mathew will open the night by introducing a selection of shorts that will set the bar and pace for the weekend ahead.

Little Wing Festival Line Up: Saturday

Filmmaking on a Shoestring Workshop

Hosted by Nicola Peluso, this workshop will focus on the ins and outs of creating guerrilla films on micro-budgets. Bring your work, questions, and a collaborative attitude as the class discusses and works through the obstacles faced by emerging filmmakers today.

The workshop is best suited to filmmakers who want to improve their work without increasing their budget, who want a taster of what a future in filmmaking may can hold, and for those filmmakers who need to be reminded that a big budget doth not a great film make.



Young filmmakers are shedding light on some of the contemporary struggles faced by their generation, from mental health and relationships, to not wanting to be village pillaging monsters.

Real talk. These shorts are emotive and rooted in truth, illustrating how film can be an instrumental medium for addressing current social issues and personal stories.


Channeling our inner Jean Valjean’s, tonight the question is “who am I?” From forging new identities to reassembling those pieces once our foundations have been shaken, these stories from across the seas come together to share in the commonality of this human experience.

NEEDLE BOY: Feature Film

Life has become unbearable for Nick, who is convinced he’s an evil person. He shows up at university with a gun in his pocket intending to shoot his fellow students, but something beats him to the punch. He discovers that a few hours before, his schoolmates have died in a class trip out to sea. Standing alone and armed, everyone around him perceives his frustration as guilt, and Nick descends into a very dark 24 hours in Aarhus.

Little Wing Festival Line Up: Sunday

AKELA: Feature Film


When a haphazard scout leader tries to help her scouts win the Superscout Award they end up accidentally camping in a safari park, battling a militia of girl scouts, and uncovering a criminal organization.


Navigating the complexities of family life is an ongoing challenge that is explored today through all stages, from cradle to grave. Get wrapped up in the messy web of familial expectations, disappointment, love, loss, and violent Christmas board games.


We’re suckers for an underdog. We idolize the anti-hero. We adore the murderers and cannibals. Well, we do now. Loveable Misfits blurs the line between weird and
wonderful, and will have you rooting for the certifiably insane and the Welsh.


Not riding on the coattails of any popular hashtags or SEO rankings, This Girl Can is a series of shorts illustrating the power to overcome adversity met by women across generations. Exploring mental health and social expectations, to asserting yourself outside of your cult, tonight, sisters are doing it for themselves.

You can get all the information and find links to buy tickets at the Little Wing Website.

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